AB Internal Assessments

15% - Interactive Oral

The interactive orals will be conducted during class in the second year. There will be three official interactive orals completed in January. February and March and the teacher will chose the students' highest score for the internal assessment. These orals include role plays, oral presentations, debates, problem solving activities, personal opinion of recording/song. The oral will be assessed according to the IB rubric.

15% - Individual Oral

This student teacher interview will be conducted MARCH. Students will make an appointment with the teacher. The oral consists of three parts:
2-3 min. picture description, 2-3m. question/answer session regarding the picture and its topic, 5m. question/answer session about general topics.

Students will have 10m. to choose a picture, think about their description and take notes. The description should include a description of the place, weather & time of day, a description of the people, who they are, what they are wearing, what they are doing, etc. In responding to questions, students must try to use a variety of verb tenses and vocabulary. Answers should be elaborate and detailed. The oral will be assessed according to the IB rubric, recorded and moderated by the IBO.

Picture Description Phrases

General Questions

Pictures for IA:

IB IA Aeropuerto
IB IA Boda
IB IA Café
IB IA Familia/Empanadas
IB IA Familia/Relaciones
IB IA Mercado
IB IA Playa