Español B NM/NS & AP Español

1) 2 Short Stories
Students must read choose TWO of the following short stories and answer vocabulary and comprehension questions. The answers to the questions must be emailed to by the due date.
Jul 14
Jul 28

El Recado
Vocabulario A&B p. 8
Comprensión p. 13-14
Gramática C&D p. 16

No hay mal que por bien no venga
Vocabulario A&B p. 23
Comprensión A&B p. 27-28
Gramática p. 28-32

Los chicos
Vocabulario A,B&C p. 37-38
Comprensión p. 45-46

2) 2 Current Events Articles
Jun 20
Jun 27
Students must find two different current event articles from a Spanish-speaking source. Students must also post a short summary and comment (100) on the Wiki Discussion board on the Spanish IB page on

3) 3 Orals – 2 Current Event & 1 Cultural Presentation
Jul 4
Jul 12
Aug 5
Students must find listen to two different current event articles/podcasts from a Spanish-speaking source. Students must summarize and present their opinion on the topic in a 3m. oral recording. All oral recordings should be emailed to Additionally, students must give an original presentation on a cultural aspect of Hispanic America that is 3-4m. in length.

4) Writing – Editorial and Movie Critique
Jul 15
Aug 10
Students must write both an editorial of a current event and a critique of a Latin movie of their choosing paying attention to message, format and a variety of language and grammar. Each writing should be at least 400 words, emailed to