Español ab initio

Writing (6)

Students should study vocabulary from the designated topic for an hour or so before writing. Students should review all ‘temas generales’ to understand possible writing topics and choose one of their interest. Students then write a Wiki Discussion post on the topic and underline vocabulary they incorporated in their post. The post should be 120-150 words and must be written in the appropriate format: letter, diary entry, dialogue, interview, etc.

Individual/Family (Jun 30)
School (Jul 6)
Transport/Travel (Jul 13)
Shopping (Jul 20)
Food (Jul 27)
Celebrations (Aug 3)

Reading (4)

Students must read at least four of the provided readings and email the answers to Each reading activity should take roughly a half an hour to one hour to complete. Student must add vocabulary related to their topic to the Ab Initio Vocab List page on the Wiki.
Jun 20
Jul 10
Jul 18
Aug 1

Oral (3)

Students must orally describe four pictures - the people, activities, place, etc - 2m. each. Oral recordings and picture must be emailed to
Jul 3
Jul 16
Aug 7